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from left to right – Del Beyer, Jim Klein, Kevin Cone, Denny O’Bryan, Jack Seuntjens

Great minds think alike! Our purpose in forming a consolidation was to combine several individuals’ knowledge and areas of expertise to offer to the public a more comprehensive marketing opportunity.

Our group (IAG) includes 5 professional auctioneers, of which 3 are active real estate brokers, 1 veteran in the retail farm equipment sales & appraisal market, as well as 1 certified general real estate appraiser. We carry real estate licenses in Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, & Nebraska.

Now that the dust has settled from our farm sale, Pat and I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Iowa Auction Group for your extraordinary efforts in conducting our farm machinery auction.  It was an eye opening experience for both of us.  The amount of effort and expertise that you demonstrated was, to put it quite simply, exceptional.  From the advertising, which drew interested parties from as far away as Oregon and Uruguay, to the lining up of the machinery on one bitter cold windy day, your help was sincerely appreciated.  Some of the more nuanced items, such as how to effectively line the machinery up, would have been something I never considered. Kudos to Denny for his efforts in that regard.

I just want to point out that the auction sold a lifetimes work of developing a line of machinery.  It was the culmination of 48 years of effort, and I’m glad that we entrusted you.  Thanks again for a great job.

David and Pat Kastengren

We had the pleasure of working with Iowa Auction Group in 2019 as we sold a family asset. Del Beyer, of the group was recomended to us and I now understand why. Del and the group were careful, transperant, consciencious, and kind. Their work was excellent and they assisted us in getting a very fair sale value. We could not have asked for better service, education, and guidance. I would highly recomend Iowa Auction Group and thanks again for all your hard work.

Al Laird MD

My experience with Iowa Auction Group was fantastic! They were professional and very helpful from our initial discussion to the final paperwork. We presented some unusual challenges and they never hesitate. The level of service provided was exceptional. I would strongly recommend Del and his team because of their integrity and expertise.


Del Beyer
Beyer Auction & Realty

16 3rd Street NE
Sioux Center, IA 51250
Office: 712.722.4315
Cell: 712.348.2738
Email: dbeyer@mtcnet.net

Del founded Beyer Auction & Realty in 1986, working primarily with farmland and acreage listings in NW Iowa, as well as all types of live and online auctions. He is a member of the Iowa & National Realtors Associations and the Iowa & National Auctioneer Associations.  Del has a passion for auctions, and loves working with people & meeting their needs. Del and his wife, Lola, have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren.  His hobby is golfing, whenever time allows.

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Kevin Cone
Cone Auctions

761 610th St.
Storm Lake, Iowa 50588
Office: 712.299.4258
Email: cone62@q.com

Kevin started in the Auction business in 1983 working all types of Auctions. He is a member of the Iowa and National Auctioneers Associations. Being actively engaged in farming helps him stay up to date on Farm related trends and markets. Kevin specializes in Farmland, Farm Machinery, Toys and Antiques

Jim Klein
Klein Realty & Auction Co.

514 Celebrity Dr.
Remsen, Iowa 51050
Office: 712.786.2870
Cell: 712.540.1206
Email: jaklein@midlands.net

Jim joined an existing real estate and auctioneering firm in 1982, which was founded by his father, M.J. Klein in 1954. In the real estate business, Jim has successfully sold farmland, residential and commercial property, as well as doing appraisals in these areas. Jim conducts live and online auctions for farmland, farm machinery, antiques, collectibles, household and all properties related to the real estate business. Jim is a member of the Iowa Realtors and Auctioneers Association. Jim and his wife, Sue, reside in Remsen, Iowa, and his hobbies include, golf, farming, and yard work.

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Denny O’Bryan
O’Bryan Auction & Equipment

915 West Main
Cherokee, Iowa 51012
Office: 712.261.1316
Email: douauction@gmail.com

Denny has been in the retail/wholesale business of farm equipment for 36 years covering both red and green equipment. Over that span of time, Denny has been very adaptable to change and has concentrated on the importance of honesty, accuracy and timeliness of information. Denny believes the use of cell phones, tablets, and the internet have and will continue to drive the way auctions and agriculture do business. Although active in the auction business for 25 years, Denny was born into an auction family. Denny and his wife, Cheri, had the pleasure of raising 3 young men all being involved in auctions in one way or another. Denny’s favorite free time activities include family, hunting, fishing, golf, and gardening/vineyard.

Jack Seuntjens
Midwestern Land & Auction, Inc.

426 Main St.
PO Box 75
Mapleton, IA 51034
Office: 712.882.2406
Cell: 712.880.1234
Email: iowaland@longlines.com

John W. Seuntjens, more commonly known as Jack Seuntjens is an Auctioneer, Real Estate Broker, State Certified General Real Property Appraiser and an AQB Certified USPAP Instructor.

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Iowa Auction Group

5 professional auctioneers
3 active real estate brokers
A veteran in the retail farm equipment sales & appraisal
A certified general real estate appraiser.

Licensed real estate agents in Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, & Nebraska.

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